Thank you to our amazing volunteers!

There is no way we would be able to get through our season without the help of our amazing volunteers. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to: Emma, Izacar Madeleine Rita, Jessica, Francois, Shauna, Mark, Crystal, Natalia, Barbara, Michaela, Shea, Elizabeth, Nizar; and an extra special thanks to: Michael, Katherine, Dan-Tam, Carla, and Natalie. You are all amazing!!


The Bard Brawl review

Here is a wonderful review we had from The Bard Brawl in the last week of the tour.

“The synergy between Belch and Aguecheek (Adam Capriolo) was excellent, as was the decision to represent Andrew Aguecheek as a kind of effeminate hipster poseur. Letitia Brooke‘s initially reluctant Maria fit right in with the two other pranksters.”

Check out the whole review here.

(too bad they forgot the second “k”!)